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PornMegaLoad - Sofia Rose - Sex Games
PornMegaLoad - Sofia Rose - Sex Games

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CastSofia Rose
Duration19 min 14 s
File Size192.28 MB (SD)1.09 GB (HD)

PornMegaLoad: Sex Games

"Obviously, if a guy likes big breasts, he'll be attracted to me initially," says Sofia Rose. "I've also converted some guys to ass men because I'm blessed in that area, too. I've even had guys who had never dated ethnic women decide that they like Latin women." Beautiful Sofia wants to play a little rough. She mounts Largo and rides him, grinding on top. Sofia is feeling dominant and in control. Her lap riding is leading to hard feelings. Her big breasts are hand magnets. She knows how to rub a man the right way. Juan squeezes and spanks her round ass-cheeks. Sofia loves that and wants another slap.

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PornMegaLoad - Sofia Rose - Sex Games
PornMegaLoad - Sofia Rose - Sex Games

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