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SneakySex - Izzy Lush - Knock Knock
SneakySex - Izzy Lush - Knock Knock

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CastIzzy Lush
Duration40 min 39 s
File Size430.83 MB (SD)2.89 GB (HD)

SneakySex: Knock Knock

When Izzy Lush hears that her sister's boyfriend, Sean Lawless, has bought a rather risque anniversary gift, she wants to stay close to see her sis's reaction! Sean's girlfriend isn't pleased with the handcuffs, restraints, and assorted bondage gear he bought to spice up their sex life, but Izzy sure is! After her sister stalks out of the room, Izzy tells Sean she wants to give it a try. Izzy sucks his cock and then ties herself up naked in the bedroom as a present for him. Sean fucks her doggystyle and Izzy rides his big cock before taking his huge load on her face...before Sean's girlfriend catches them!

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SneakySex - Izzy Lush - Knock Knock
SneakySex - Izzy Lush - Knock Knock

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