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TheRealWorkout - Violet Rain - P90Sex
TheRealWorkout - Violet Rain - P90Sex

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CastViolet Rain
Duration41 min 34 s
File Size424.21 MB (SD)3.53 GB (HD)

TheRealWorkout: P90Sex

Violet Rain is a fit cutie who knows the importance of keeping her tight, young bod in shape. So, when she hits the gym, she hits it hard. Our stud, on the other hand, is a lollygagger. He does a set, looks at his phone, and then daydreams for a little before getting back to pumping iron. But when Violet comes into the gym, his inability to focus on his workout gets taken to a whole new level. He cannot keep his eyes off her as she stretches out in tights and then does some squats that accentuate her exceptional booty. She asks him to spot her as she does some dips, and he cannot believe his luck. But the dream gets even more exciting as he fantasizes about her turning around and inviting him into her sweet snatch. He reaches in and starts eating her out before ing his dumbbell in her cooch from behind. Then he pounds her from below while she moans in delight. Sometimes, a little cardio is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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TheRealWorkout - Violet Rain - P90Sex
TheRealWorkout - Violet Rain - P90Sex

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