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Shoplyfter - Scarlett Mae - Case No. 3140112

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CastScarlett Mae
Duration46 min 2 s
File Size468.90 MB (SD)3.91 GB (HD)

Scarlett Mae - Case No. 3140112


November 21st, 5:13 pm Case #3140112 – Suspect is a white, adolescent female with light complexion and red hair. She has been monitored stealing goods during the holiday sale season. Loss prevention officer escorts her to the backroom after suspect makes an attempt to steal a television. Paperwork is processed, but advanced interrogation techniques are needed in order to find out what else has been stolen. The rest of this file is classified. Evidence logged on November 21, 2018.

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Shoplyfter - Scarlett Mae - Case No. 3140112

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